Leunig Lessons For Life

December 2, 2007

It is that time of the year again when those of us who have resorted to online newspapers pick up a print copy – the Leunig calendar is out. Was out, on Saturday. His ability to distill the essence of an idea in a few simple lines, and convey a poignant message at the same time is to be envied, admired and even emulated. If we can. Here he is again (click on the label to see the post on him from last year).Leunig


One Response to “Leunig Lessons For Life”

  1. John on December 11th, 2007 9:49 am

    For the last few years, on my Christmas trip to Australia, I’ve managed to pick up the Leunig calendar. Unfortunately, I won’t be in Oz for Christmas this year, and this post has reminded me what else I’ll be missing out on as a result.
    Leunig is without question one of the most talented Australians ever.
    I have a few books of his poetry, a CD given to me last year of his poetry put to music and sung by singer Gyan, and years ago I picked up a DVD of the 50 1-minute clay-model animation films of some of his more famous cartoons/poems that were broadcast on SBS.
    Ahh, those were the days…

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