12 Things to Tell Your CIA Captors

December 28, 2007

interrogation.pngThe news that David Hicks is out of prison (released from Adelaide (Australia) prison this morning) has barely rated a mention here. “David who?”, you may well ask. Otherwise known as Detainee 002. Or perhaps more infamously, the only person to have been convicted by the US as part of the the post September 11 laws introduced to round up anyone who supported the Taliban or anyone else who points an AK47 at the US. He might have made more news if Ms Bhutto was not bombed into the next world from Pakistan – by a whole bunch of people that are pointing their AK47s at the US. And others. Kashmir included. But none of those will end up in GITMO or any of the other unnamed interrogation facilities the US allegedly have salted away around the world. Mr Hicks is out of prison after spending six years locked away, some of those being at Guantanamo Bay. President Bush went so far as to describe this guy, at best a naive adventurer, at worst an idiotic adventurer, as the worst of the worst. Now he is home it is interesting to see that this is not a person who has the appearance of being the worst of the worst. Rather he seems to be keeping his head down and minding how he steps. Hardly surprising after being in the tender care of the US government all this time. From whom he would have learned some interesting things. Among which might have been how to respond to interrogator’s questions. Something like:

It was not me.

Brilliant photos, can I have a set please?

The audio clarity on your intercept is first rate – can you tell me which telco carrier you use?

It was definitely not me.

Thankyou for your undivided attention.

That might look like me in the photo, but it is not me at all.

There is no need to shout.

My chiropractor would love a phone number for the furniture supplier you use.

It was not me.

Good cop/bad cop is so passe; please try something else.

You know more about me that I do – I should be asking the questions.

It was NOT me.


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