A Letter to Jonathan Ashton

February 22, 2008

jd02.jpgDear Jonathan,

It’ s been a year today since you died. A year since that plane accident and the destruction of the indestructible. This letter has been rattling around in my head for a few weeks now as this day approached. Why not write it earlier? I have no idea. “Why write at all?” I hear you say – “Just sms it”!! Read more

Typhoon from a C130 Ramp

February 20, 2008

typhoon-c130.jpgSometimes a picture just grabs you. And there is not much to say about it. In fact the less said the better given it stands on its own so well. And then… Read more

General Powell somewhere on the Iraq-Turkey Border

February 14, 2008

general-powell.pngI have always enjoyed (and admired) this photo of the General. It contains a few interesting elements. For me at least. Let me try them on you. Read more

Clubbing in Malaysia

February 5, 2008

malaysia-bar.jpgIt would be disingenuous of me to create an impression that I am a clubber. Far from it. There is a banality about that scene that repels rather than attracts. Each to their own I guess. Read more

Corey Delaney and Teenagers

February 2, 2008

cans-crew290x200.jpgCorey – blond, skinny, cam jacketed and of the yellow glasses fame – has gotten plenty of press and has polarised our communities. And not just here but around the world as this link to the Times Online in the UK attests. But… Read more

Backyard Beasts – Bat

February 2, 2008

fruit-bat.jpgEons ago I started a series on beasts that live in our backyard. It is tempting to imagine that in a city of 4million fauna is sparse. But the truth is we have plenty of fauna to distract us. Read more

Taxi Driver – The Pakistani

February 2, 2008

cab.jpgI jumped a cab in the city yesterday to rush back to a meeting and found myself sitting next to a tall (that was apparent even though he was sitting down) young man in a salwar kameez. Read more