Sunday At Collaroy

June 29, 2008

On a day like today we are not in any winter thrall to speak of. Wave after flat wave softly slushes into the sand and dies in a sigh, to be gently gathered up again and returned to the white hot glitter of blue sea diamonds which are spread out today under a clear sky and bright sun. Read more

Emanuel Ax LipSync

June 27, 2008

emanuel_ax_290.jpgThe third row in the main hall of the Sydney Opera House is a good place to be if you want the music, in this case Mozart’s Piano Concerto No.22 in E Flat, K482 to wash over you. It does so literally and figuratively and the sound cocoons  you up, inviting you to close your eyes and to be lost in it. And, if you are not careful, to start nodding off. It is 34 minutes of relaxation, through the seats prevent you from completely slipping away. The third row is also a good place from which to be distracted by all the movement happening in the violins and  cellos (you can’t see much orchestra beyond that)  and to watch the disheveled Emanuel Ax, Ukrainian (now American) piano magician run his fingers over the Steinway. But it was his mouth that caught my attention. For a moment I thought he was counting time and maybe he was. But it was pretty clear he had something else he was singing to the concerto as he got lost in his own music. I gave up trying to work it out and closed my eyes in order to enjoy it all the more, and did so hoping he was not simply running doh re me scales in his head.

Top Secret Travel via Google Earth

June 8, 2008

russian-sub-murmansk290.jpgIn another life I was an imagery analyst in the military. Locked away in a bunker somewhere looking at images of all sorts from a myriad of sources. I enjoyed the stereoscopic work most of all, handling and caressing one dimensional data in a three dimensional illusion. It is an entirely convincing world – gamers understand the inclination to twist your head to look under a bridge – when there is nothing to look under. There is none of that adventure with Google Earth (regrettably) but I can easily find myself distracted by it nonetheless, taking myself on travels to places I have been, and others I have not – except in that three dimensional illusionary world. Let’s take a little journey to places that hint of that world. Read more

EV Lacertae Shows Off

June 7, 2008

star-flare290.jpgDisplay Courtesy of God, Text Courtesy of NASA

“For many years scientists have known that our sun gives off powerful explosions, known as flares, that contain millions of times more energy than atomic bombs. Read more

Books as Art

June 6, 2008


Over the years I have envied family and friends who have been settled in one place and who have libraries shelved. Mine have travelled with me for years, most tucked away in boxes packed with moth balls. Over the last few months I have been slowly getting some floor to ceiling shelves built and a small library has started to come together, giving long denied ready access to those boxed books but also turning the room into its own art form. Read more