Bigger than Texas(?)

October 4, 2008

dallassuburbia290jpg.jpgOur flight into Fort Worth is a bumpy one – it looks like a hot day in Texas. As we swing from compass point to compass point we cut over railyards, sweeping freeways, sprawling acres of warehouses and endless suburbs. I think “this is a place of endless possibilities”, an indelible impression imprinted as we seem to descend forever over this remarkable place. We used to be tempted to tell Texans in the military (usually Marines) their state would be swamped by some of our Australian military training areas. No Texan likes to be told something is bigger than Texas. But it was a naive strutting methinks – the concept of size has nothing to do geography and everything to do with a way of thinking, of an expansive world view and the capacity to see endless possibilities. Inventing those possibilities even, for these people have really created something out of nothing. And they keep creating. This is a good place to be having business discussions for there is nothing stifling about this place. I saw that first in 1999 when I met venture capitalists in Richardson County. I am glad to be coming back to renew my acquaintance with this place.


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