A Malayan Emergency

December 18, 2008

malaya-bw-photo.jpgWe were set a task of writing a short story romance (2000 words) which included reference to a black and white photograph. I started with a photo I had found in a second hand store in Vietnam, but always thought the face gazing out of it looked Malay. I picked it up off my desk when I got back from Writers Group and the short story fell out of it. For better or worse. Here it is… Read more


December 17, 2008

kea290.jpgAnother amateur photographer friend took this brilliant shot in NZ. It is the mountain parrot, best known for plucking the radio aerial off your car, ripping open your pack to get into your cereal and fruit and otherwise being a likable rogue. For the most part. Farmers take a different view when they select lamb or mutton off the menu. He is known as a Kea. Great shot Peter. (Photo: Peter)

Face Painting at the Church Fete…

December 17, 2008

body-art-face-painting.jpg…and then there is this.

Ladybird or Ladybug?

December 16, 2008

ladybird.jpgSeems that everyone around me is turning into a photographer with outstanding skills. This from one of my work colleagues. Ladybug if you are in North America. But did you know there are more than 5000 species of these things? No, nor did I. All you want to know about these Lady Cows (apparently so called by some) at Wikipedia of course.(Photo:Jade)


December 16, 2008

palintology290.jpgWhen I was in DC last month, or was it the month before? (time slips away) we were all being distracted by a bleeding Wall St, falling dollars and the presidential race – and in particular DC was distracted by the Alaskan phenomenon. At the time no one seemed to quite know what to make of her but this clever cartoonist of the Washington Post caught the feeling nicely – along with a terrific pun/play on words to boot. Made me laugh out loud, which does not usually happen when I am reading the newspaper.

The Bible As A Travel Guide

December 9, 2008

mt-nebo-jordan-valley290.jpgEric at Travel Blogs has come up with another innovative way to explore the way we all travel – in reality or in our minds. He asked us to connect up the books and other media that had inspired travel. You can read these, including a slightly unusual source of inspiration for the Pickled Eel here. A related photo here from Mt Nebo looking across the Jordan towards Jericho.

JD Anniversay Shoot

December 3, 2008

shooting-star-target.jpgIn speaking of the laconic I was reminded that in September we celebrated the anniversary memorial shoot in honour of departed friend Jonathan. There was none of the smoke and thunder of the previous year but the sputter of BB pellets that fell out of the end of the BB gun in the side show alley at the State Fair of Texas. By the time you realise you aim by pointing the stream of pellets at the target, as if it were a stream of water from a hose nozzle, the pellets expire and “the man” has your money. Jonathan would have come back to make a point of shooting that star out. But the real point is always to walk away before you can’t leave. Either way JD would have enjoyed the challenge and the whole mad atmosphere!

Loconic Soldiering

December 3, 2008

union-soldier.jpgIt is a point of (perverse?) pride that our soldiering tradition is marked by extreme laconic perspectives, attitudes and general disposition. Where that disposition irritated British officers the pleasure is refined. But Australian volunteer soldiers are not the owners of the laconic voice – I suspect that volunteer soldiers down through the ages have owned the same voice. It was certainly evident in the 20th Maine and I made Private Keegan an honorary Australian when I read (see below) the following exchange. Read more