Koi Feeding

February 18, 2009

koi-feeding.jpgRemarkable photo. Apparently the blue is reflecting the sky. Apparently. But it is pretty neat.

Photograph by Randy Heisch (via National Geographic)

Chum Creek Fire

February 9, 2009

fire2901.jpgI read the news this morning and, like everyone else in this country, kept a morbid eye on the growing death toll. Suddenly through the course of the morning I was jolted by the realisation that one of the news items had mentioned Chum Creek Rd, an address where friends lived. Relatives of JD no less. I imagined the worst and the impact that would have on the wider family. At one point I resigned myself to another visit to Victoria for funerals. With phones to the area out, and emails not answered (I could hardly imagine them checking emails at a time like this) I was barely able to keep my mind on the job until Facebook came to the rescue and I was told by other family that they were OK. Read more

A Birds Eye View of Hong Kong

February 4, 2009

grey-parrot-290.jpgWe walked down Boundary Street today after alighting from the train at Price Edward Station. It was a clear day and the high hills and steep slopes of the New Territories, which in theory stretch out from the other side of the road and extend to the China border, were clear and sharp. My eye was distracted by the aerials and domes which anoint each peak, taking me back to more belligerent times. We walked and walked and there was nothing as we approached the stadium on our right to suggest the bird market was imminent. Years of poking around these sorts of places have taught me to hang in there – your surprise is always just around the corner. As indeed it was. Read more

Group or Solo

February 1, 2009

neon-group.jpgI am talking about travel! I have numerous solo experiences and only two, maybe three or four group travel experiences. And this one to Hong Kong is my first experience leading a group on any sort of travel ( I do not count taking troops out on a military exercise in this category!). Sitting here in Hong Kong fighting falling asleep and capturing a few thoughts about what is different about the two.

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