1969 – an Age of Innocence?

September 12, 2010

mumanddad290.jpgFunny how these pictures keep drawing you back (pun alert). To an age of innocence, which is not how anyone would usually describe 1969. Mind you I am not entirely convinced the date on the picture is correct – I like to think I would have been drawing my Dad in this way in 1965 or 66 perhaps, not 1969.  By 1969 I am sure he would have wondered at the floppy eared, sparse hair, Three Mile Island rabbit rendition of him. I think more highly of him than that! Steve and Liz live just down the road from us, with a house full of kids. Okay, only four. But they have pictures like this around the house still, a gallery of warmth and positive perspectives, hope, and smiles. Art from the heart which usually presents us with an uncluttered view of the things and values that connect us as family and friends.  It’s a shame we lose them in the end, and all they represent. I am glad this one survived – despite the sagging nipples, green face and hair in his ears he looks like a pretty happy sort of guy.


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