Cultural Gaffe (one of many)

February 19, 2011

groceries1.jpgThe local grocery store in Washington DC is like a modern museum – not because it is full of old stuff but because it is full of wonders. I meander the aisles, cutting from side to side looking at the variety of goods and am amazed and a little confounded at, inter alia the variety of breakfast cereals. They say Americans eat a lot of sugar. After perusing the cartons in front of me I am inclined to agree. Fortunately the store has a great variety of fruit and vegetables, all sourced from places up and down the Potomac  – and Florida it seems. I am not sure about the deli cornucopia and leave that to another trip to try and decipher. It’s way too confusing. Read more

Who Are You and What Are you Doing to Me?

February 4, 2011

koi-feeding.jpgI prefer to travel on my own.  It’s safer. I can respond to my own instincts and not have to try and explain what I am doing or why I am doing it. I know my limits. I see events unfolding and can either avoid or engage them, usually with plenty of time on my side.  If there is an ornery taxi driver I only have to deal with him.  If I take a wrong turn (it happens occasionally) I know it quickly, and can circle back without any grumbling. A gun in the face is something only I have to deal with (those stories will out one day). I only have to watch my own back. Every step is an adventure, not something to be endured.  I can explore any time of the day, poke up any alley I please, engage anyone I care to, avoid those I deem prudent to steer around.

So what the heck am I doing travelling with you lot?

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