Abdulluh the Hutt – my Sudan Prebriefer

March 19, 2011

 The mood lighting has come on and I perceive through gritty eyes I have been asleep for about ten hours. That can’t be right. I fumble around and check the flight information and see we are only two hours out from Dubai. Though I also see the aircraft is located somewhere over Auckland, at 40,000 feet.  So apart from the occasional shift of butt to relieve numb buttocks, for which one barely surfaces, this trip has primarily been an unconscious one. It is one way to kill a 15 hour flight I guess. I was especially happy to discover this time lapse for Abdullah the Hutt is parked in beside me, overflowing onto my arm rest and shaking things up every time he wanted to shift his numb butt or go to the bathroom.

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Taxi Story – Chinese

March 18, 2011

cab.jpg(I use my time in the taxi to practise my interview techniques.  In so doing I suddenly realised I was uncovering some remarkable stories. Some are captured on my blog under the Taxi Story collection  – click on link in right hand bar to see some of them).

Hey, you know my son is very upset. He is in Japan!

In Japan? Not in Tokyo I hope.

Yes in Tokyo. He was supposed to be in one of the areas struck by the tsunami but his tour was delayed. Read more

Berowra: Leaving the Big Smoke for Real Smoke

March 12, 2011

berowra290.jpgThe moon gives up and sinks its visible half into a red bed then vanishes altogether. As I watch, the Milky Way slowly becomes more milky as the sky deepens, highlighting more and more heavenly lights. I’m on my back on a rock ledge and quite comfortable thank-you.  As I gaze up a couple of “shooting stars” scratch their lightening flash of white across the blue grey black, as if to thumb their noses at the efforts of the moon to keep them invisible. Read more

Leaving Lima – and a bit of my heart

March 11, 2011

lima290.jpg(Diary 15 Nov 2010) I am sure they sound erudite and clever to each other but the two German ladies , otherwise quite well presented, are through half a bottle of white and have knocked off half a bottle of duty free Drambuie.  I am surprised they are still sitting upright. It is one form of therapy I guess as I sit here waiting all day (Buenos Aires) for a delayed QANTAS flight. There are a lot of “sh” sounds in German and right now this pair are blurring together in to a rolling, excited “shhhhhh” If they are on my flight it will be along haul alright, especially if all those drugs don’t knock them out. It’s my birthday so the wish I make for myself is one of quiet travel back across the Pacific. Read more

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