He is an Old Cat

June 14, 2011



He is an old cat

Shrinking every day

Into his baggy black

Suit of knobbly bone and

Matted fur.


He is a not so young cat

As he once was flopping

Into favourite spots: now

Instead a careful, cautious

Setting into place.


He is the same old cat

With which we are

Comfortable ruling our

Place; yellow eyed glare at

Our unruliness.


He is an ageless cat

Folded into strange parts

In the fallen leaves of autumn

Grooming and licking the matt

Into lace.


He is a cool old cat

Baleful stare ignoring

The titch titch incitement

To misbehave; far too mature

For that.


Today, a very young cat;
Smooth, wetted down lace
Drying in the sun. Yellow eyed
Stare, unblinking from his
Sunny nest.


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