Stay Insane – All of You

July 30, 2011


How disappointing it is to be doing this final run home. We are all reflective about how we feel about that, resigned to the work and study that has to be done but still riding on the magic of the last week and the intimate camaraderie that we have enjoyed. The run was straightforward until we got to Bathurst at which point Rod decided a gluteus maximus cramp  necessitated another walk around – and a ride on a small horse-like toy in a playground. The cramp must have been serious as the horse threw him.

Wild weather around Sydney over the previous few days had closed the freeway into town so we were forced through Windsor via the Bell Line of Road. Added another hour to the trip but after two days on the road it was a minor inconvenience and we ground to a stop right on 6pm, offloaded baggage, dispensed hugs and got off home before it all got too emotional. Which kind of sums up the week I guess. These are no ordinary fellow travellers when you find the “drop-off” an emotional wrench. But then I have come to accept that this is one of the reasons I go out on these trips in the first place – part of that heart massage I wrote about elsewhere. Until the next time, stay insane. All of you.


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