Too Tough For Words

September 20, 2011

I have no idea how to write this up so I guess I’ll do what you always do when confronted by that challenge – just write. I had avoided calling Ryan’s family figuring they would contact me when they were ready. Turns out they had lost their phone and were worried they had lost touch. For my part I couldn’t wait any longer and called – to the relief of each of us. And it turns out a lot  has happened in the intervening fortnight. Read more


September 9, 2011

(Random thoughts, in no particular order). I see daily in the news reports of accidents. Reports of people who die and so I think, “they have it a whole lot worse than anything I have handled”. I wonder who in the crowd handled the person who died on the M5 a few days ago.  Or ponder the guy who pulled a plane crash survivor out of the water off Curl Curl beach. The counselor asked if I had cried. Read more

Self Diagnosis is a Dodgy Business

September 1, 2011

What the heck am I doing out here? Instinct drove me out here I think. Bugger all else comes to mind. Some sort of self help intuition that says getting out here might assist. Who knows if it will or not? Its true the extrovert in me recharges by being around others. I am not sure I need recharging though. Some reflection perhaps. Something solitary. Now I m here and the fire is burning my knees and the hair has been singed off my hands as I got it going I am less reflective and more maudlin. Which may well amount to the same thing. Read more