Tintin and Girls

December 26, 2011

When I finished primary school I spent the Christmas holidays in breathless anticipation of two things which High School held out for me – an expanded audience of girls and a library. Girls? Go figure why the mind of a twelve year old would seethe so. Read more

My Bed is a Gift

December 22, 2011

Last week I was a little startled to hear a pastor (not ours by the way) tell some of his parishioners they had to lie in the beds they had made for themselves. Actually I was very startled. I wonder from where in the Bible he was drawing this? If God worked on the principle of making us lie on the beds of our own making there would be no story of grace. And no story of salvation. No Christmas as we understand and celebrate it. We make a bed of nails for ourselves – daily. That is true. But God does not insist we lie down here. Read more