Very hungry, very poor, very hungry baby (Yeah right!)

September 18, 2012

Every day in another culture offers the frisson of adventure, even if it is merely based on the fact that I am out of my own. Every day there are such a host of peculiar and unusual things going on the heart and mind are continually refreshed with that sense of wonder we too easily lose when we are caught in our humdrum routines.

A ten year old Chen was the delight this morning. I snuck across to the park after breakfast to read some notes and take photos. Up he strode with his mate Pren and struck up a pleasant conversation in passably good English. Pren had a nylon line and his plan was to go fishing before school. Chen carried a little shoe shine box but the pitch I was expecting took a long time to come. We chatted about Australia, the size of fish in the pond over our shoulder, the going price of a two kilo fish , kangaroos and school before he offered a shine. I asked him “how much” but knew it was not going to be as easy as his counter “You tell me the price.”

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