A Tale of Numerous Cities

December 22, 2013

khut290The year has snuck up on me and like a magician has pulled something out of a small box my eyes tell me should not fit. It feels like weeks have passed and in the same synapse I wonder that it has felt like a decade. I am tempted to plagarise the cliché and offend Dickens and say it has been the worst of years and the best but the worst really has been overcome by something far greater as I plan to come full circle and finish where I started. I sit in an empty apartment with a day of 35 degrees promised. The resurgent cicadas tell me it is true. This time last year I sat in an empty flat though it was not my own, in another part of town, in an area of Sydney in which I had no friends, suburbs that turned their lights out at 6pm and I felt about as isolated as I had ever been. I had found a new apartment but was yet to move into it. I was driving to the farm and today I am a couple of days off returning there. Back then it was a trip I had cancelled, an emotional response to upheaval in my life that I could barely comprehend. Yet even in that darkness there was the bright light of parents I barely knew insisting they would like their kids to be able to travel to the farm with me. So off we went and in a week of unbridled laughter and adventure I experienced an emotional but cathartic time and we welded  bonds of new friendships and reinforced existing ones. I look back  on those days with great affection and know I needed to be out there. Read more