Tropical Scruffy – not Your Average Japan

June 29, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 4.56.16 pmPlaneloads of Korean and Chinese tourists pour into the customs and immigration area with us and we shuffle along looking decidedly out of place. We lack the designer tourist clothes, hats and sunglasses and don’t have any cute toddlers in pig-tails in tow. The large crowds at immigration mean there is no waiting for our luggage. But there is a moment of confusion as we search for the car rental pick up point – there are no signs indicating care rental. So we ask a very helpful person at the information desk. Her English is fortunately better by far than our Japanese which is limited to “hello” and a variety of brand and place names. Hokkaido. Kawasaki! She points us at the domestic terminal where we should look out for the name of our car company representative on the sidewalk. That makes little sense but we soon find a girls standing on the sidewalk with a clipboard, a list of names (including ours) and who points us to a bus. We duly get on board thanks to a whole lot of sign language and finger pointing and a little humour, and are carted off into the suburbs to a car park where we are introduced to the Blue Angel of Death. Well, we had to name it something. Read more

Off to Okinawa

June 28, 2015

HK290We are off to Okinawa. CX138, seats 47J and 47K.  Well, these seats will get us to Hong Kong at least.  The notes are scratched with a crayon I found in the pocket usually housing flight entertainment guides and other weighty tomes I rarely read anymore. It’s been a long time since I logged anything. Far too long. But the crayon stirs the muse. Or is it the fact that I am in a plane again? Those muse sure do like to travel. It’s the day after the wedding and we slip away in that turbo hum of a jet airliner that tells us a long haul is ahead of us. Vivid lighting across Sydney paints the Harbour Bridge a bright mauve and the coat hanger stands out against the deep, black, empty space of the harbour. It’s 10pm and we are fatigued from what was a relaxed celebration but which was clearly draining nonetheless. Read more