Hello Texas

December 24, 2015

IMG_5639Before the food cart drags itself up behind its vanguard aroma and I allow myself to be distracted by Jermaine Clement in ‘People Places Things’ I’ll jot a few notes in some sort of acknowledgment to penmanship I have neglected and which urgently needs resuscitating. And yes, that is ‘aroma’ which you read. It’s an experience of the senses after all, this fifteen hour haul through to Dallas, with Jefferson Airplane appropriately in my headphones,  an aromatic hint of dinner, while the seat thrums in response to the airframe being pushed through that frigid air out there.  We are on our way to Texas, a transit point on a journey through to Toronto. A year ago we were thawing out in Africa as we descended to the lush skirt  of Kilimanjaro. Now we fly to colder climes and look forward to catching up with family. And seeing places I have not seen before.   Read more