About Pickled Eel

Pickled Eel at Cu Chi

I live in Sydney, Australia.   Originally from New Zealand, I grew up in a small town of 900 or so people. It was essentially a rural – certainly rustic – upbringing which was no preparation for a move to Melbourne Australia in 1976 and about as far from the bustle of Sydney as you can get.

I have most recently been working in the NGO space following thirteen years in the private sector.  Prior to that I was employed by the Department of Defence. The Air Force to be precise. In that time I was fortunate enough to enjoy a four year period with the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Somehow I found myself doing a lot of travel in the last twenty years, a trip to China in September 2006 sparking the idea of a blog, nicely mixing as it does my interest in writing and other arts. Like many others this is a second blog, coming after the more experimental blogspot on which I cut my teeth.

This blog will give me more flexibility to write about broader things than just travel although I am hoping there will still be plenty of that. Pickledeel conveniently provided the fuel for a book published by Harper Collins and based on my travels to Iraq in 2007. You can find ‘Flowers of Baghdad” here.

Why Pickled Eel?

The first post I crafted for my first blog was a story about drinking some pickled eel in the backstreets of Beijing. It seemed like an appropriate title for a blog. And was suitably exotic to boot.

My Views of Travel

If you follow this link you will be taken to an interview for, an interview with Eric following my few weeks spent in Iraq. It reveals a little more about the Pickledeel. Enjoy.