Sydney Fringe – The Allure of Disgrace

September 19, 2010

fringe290.jpgDiary 15 September 2010. Sydney Fringe Festival  – bursting out of the inner west suburbs. Or something like that which is the tag line. Bursting out into the art deco Petersham Town Hall which is echoing with the voices of the few who have shown up. The ceiling is magnificent. The tiling is gorgeous. Mr Jacket and Scarf nicely tells me the Blue Room i s now open and I am welcome to move out of this echoing chamber and to take a seat. A personal invitation no less. Best I do, but the thin crowd is unlikely to crush me to the door. I take a seat near the sound box. I don’t think I have been in a theatre this small since I sat in the Ipswich Little Theatre – interestingly enough also from the art deco period and designed by Burley Griffin, the chap who designed the layout of Canberra. It was once a crematorium – the Little Theatre that is, not Canberra. Though that is debatable I guess. But on that occasion I knew what I was getting into. Here, well who knows what is about to unfold. The sound guy is also the lighting guy and he has just been stage whispered to start when the music stops. It is an intimate place after all. It’s cute music. Sort of Frente like. Read more

1969 – an Age of Innocence?

September 12, 2010

mumanddad290.jpgFunny how these pictures keep drawing you back (pun alert). To an age of innocence, which is not how anyone would usually describe 1969. Mind you I am not entirely convinced the date on the picture is correct – I like to think I would have been drawing my Dad in this way in 1965 or 66 perhaps, not 1969.  By 1969 I am sure he would have wondered at the floppy eared, sparse hair, Three Mile Island rabbit rendition of him. I think more highly of him than that! Read more

He is a bit sketchy early in the morning…

June 14, 2009

michael_sketch290.jpgHe sure was.  Just a bit after six in the morning and while Chris got the cameras working Michael started on the sketching – while keeping the hand from shaking too much in the early morning chill. The rising sun was starting to catch the Opera House and the glass of the city. But it was still dark enough to make a black and white pencil sketch entirely appropriate!

Weird yet Intriguing

May 2, 2009

3rd_eye-front290.jpgWhile it is a truism that “there is nothing new under the sun” sometimes, just sometimes, there is  something that is actually so outlandish you can be forgiven for thinking this is a thing which new and never seen before. Perhaps like this  camera created from the skull of a thirteen year old girl. A working camera, and one of many strange but working designs – from Wayne Martin Belger in California. Have a look at his other cameras at his website. But also the art he creates from them. It is clever and mystical stuff. But don’t you wonder how he gets his hands on a skull of a thirteen year old?

Our Vision of Beauty is Distorted(?)

May 2, 2009

Putting Your Heart on Your Sleeve

April 23, 2009

mirage290.jpgNot every “bloke” is keen to put their heart on their sleeve, let alone doing so by writing a poem about how he feels. It’s not something we do well  – as a rule. So a feather could have knocked me down when one of my colleagues let me read (and now publish) the poem below. What is especially interesting was that he wrote it in response to the “Push the Limit” video on the right hand side of this page. He was responding to the words of the backing track, as much as to the images. “Bring me to Life” by Evanescence is a powerful song which arguably refers to an appeal to Jesus (that is another debate altogether but the words certainly fit that context, and it works for me). Damien’s poem below, words to the song below that. Read more


December 17, 2008

kea290.jpgAnother amateur photographer friend took this brilliant shot in NZ. It is the mountain parrot, best known for plucking the radio aerial off your car, ripping open your pack to get into your cereal and fruit and otherwise being a likable rogue. For the most part. Farmers take a different view when they select lamb or mutton off the menu. He is known as a Kea. Great shot Peter. (Photo: Peter)

Face Painting at the Church Fete…

December 17, 2008

body-art-face-painting.jpg…and then there is this.


December 16, 2008

palintology290.jpgWhen I was in DC last month, or was it the month before? (time slips away) we were all being distracted by a bleeding Wall St, falling dollars and the presidential race – and in particular DC was distracted by the Alaskan phenomenon. At the time no one seemed to quite know what to make of her but this clever cartoonist of the Washington Post caught the feeling nicely – along with a terrific pun/play on words to boot. Made me laugh out loud, which does not usually happen when I am reading the newspaper.

India is not…

November 28, 2008

prabudda.jpg…a country of poverty and perverse Victorian customs lost in time and place. It is not Mother Teresa or slums, cholera or cyclones, terrorists or dodgy airlines. It is first and foremost a country of the senses. India is felt on the skin, tasted in all the mouth, heard through every pore, and smelt even when sleeping. It is spices and aromas and sensuous fabrics. If you are the remotest bit tactile India is seductive. Read more

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