The Bible As A Travel Guide

December 9, 2008

mt-nebo-jordan-valley290.jpgEric at Travel Blogs has come up with another innovative way to explore the way we all travel – in reality or in our minds. He asked us to connect up the books and other media that had inspired travel. You can read these, including a slightly unusual source of inspiration for the Pickled Eel here. A related photo here from Mt Nebo looking across the Jordan towards Jericho.

Blogging Connections

April 27, 2008


A week ago I met with a fellow blogging traveler – traveler and blogger that is. A first for me, meeting someone through the internet that is and then catching up face to face. There was some irony in driving off to the meeting given there was a sense of ignoring all the advice (mostly ignored) that you give your kids about meeting strangers over the net – and worse, following up. That can only lead to disappointments. Or worse. Read more

Bloggers Choice Awards

October 27, 2007

Many of you kindly voted for the Pickled Eel by clicking on the icon to the right. The 2008 Bloggers Choice Awards are now running so the counter has been reset. If you have a few spare moments I would be very grateful for a vote out there. Its not a bad way to get the blog exposed. Thanks.
p.s. the page is currently parked on the second page under Best Travel Blog.

Global Bedouin’s Oasis: Marhaba – مرحبا – welcome

April 8, 2007

Now that was a new trick – creating a link from someone else’s blog. I had better find out how to do that.

This blog caught my eye mainly because its author shares similar sentiments – a desire to let the creative juices loose and to be a little less focused on the day job and to “leave the creative desert” behind. Mind you I don’t think I am quite at the point where I can indulge putting writing centre stage in my life. But the idea sure does have some appeal. Getting 70,000 words down part time takes a while!! And there are plenty more that still need to be captured and put onto paper before that particular project is completed.

global bedouin’s oasis: marhaba – مرحبا – welcome