Exporting a Bogan or Two

June 21, 2013

window1(Language warning!) They’re sitting in the seats behind me. 76J and 76K in the 380. One is wearing shorts and a ‘wifebeater’.  It went something like this, in loud voices used to projecting over the sound of the dogs on the back of the grinding ute.  My laptop was on my knee so I made like a Hansard Reporter for as long as I could tolerate it.

‘owya doing?

Good mate, really fucking’ good mate. How’s this plane eh? Scary shit.

Yeah mate, done this before?

Went to Germany earlier in the year. It was a blast. Not on a plane like this though.


What mate?

I’m feeling really good mate.

Don’t push that fucking button.

Really, what’s going down man?

Really, you’ll just be watching the trailer.

Really? Man you know your shit. I can tell you’ve been around. Read more