Tamang Heritage Trail – Monastery Launch

September 18, 2021

Some ‘Mountain Tea’ imbibed at Briddim

Monday 2 March 2020

The carpenters below us started hammering away at 0600, clearly making the most of the day. They were still at it last night, right up to last light. This morning Kavitha watched the sun edge down from Nagthali and over Thuman. Those villages on the other side of the valley were in sun well before 0800. It’s 0915 before the first sunlight falls on us and starts to nudge up the temperature. It’s just on zero degrees so we are looking forward to the warmth it brings. The sparrows are certainly appreciating it and the families that live around here are chirping away as they hop around the garden beds and socialise under the corrugated iron eaves. 

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January 25, 2021

March 1 Sunday. 

Psalm 121:1 

Descending from Thuman, Briddim on the far face.

We have had a deep and still sleep. No barking dogs. Just the calm dark of the mountains. The wind had dropped by 1800. We played cards until 2030, drawn to the radiating heat of the stove but once it had died down the chill crept back and we repaired to our down bags. The last couple of nights we have really appreciated these high end bags. In truth you can walk these tea houses and get by without a bag and manage quite well with what these places supply. We saw a chap do the Annapurna Circuit that way but he had done it multiple times and knew exactly what to expect at each destination. My only concern in these mountains would be the possibility of being caught out at night without accommodation. A down bag is good insurance.   Last night we could have raided other rooms for additional doonas. But only because they are trusting people and don’t have anything locked. All the other tea house had locked rooms. Fair enough. So do the hotels back home. The alarms have not been set but the lightening sky woke us at 0600 and we dozed until 0700 when the sun got a leg up over the Lantang ridge. We depart at 0850 after breakfast and arrive at Thurman at 1100. We have dawdled through forests and stopped for a long chat with a priest going the other way. Nagthali it turns out, is holy ground. 

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