Governor Phillip Track

September 13, 2009

chopper-water-bucket290.jpgSomehow summer snuck into spring and thirty degrees or more baked Sydney today. But for the best part of the afternoon we hardly noticed as we plugged along the Governor Phillip track through cool thermals of fern moist air, to the background tune of water spilling over rocks and sucking along fallen logs. Though all that was thundered out at one point as a chopper hauled in on us to pick up water. It repeated the exercise a few times and once we had made higher ground we could see smoke threatening houses on a far ridge. A 15km walk  – our initial warm up for a crack at Kokoda in twelve months time!

Chum Creek Fire

February 9, 2009

fire2901.jpgI read the news this morning and, like everyone else in this country, kept a morbid eye on the growing death toll. Suddenly through the course of the morning I was jolted by the realisation that one of the news items had mentioned Chum Creek Rd, an address where friends lived. Relatives of JD no less. I imagined the worst and the impact that would have on the wider family. At one point I resigned myself to another visit to Victoria for funerals. With phones to the area out, and emails not answered (I could hardly imagine them checking emails at a time like this) I was barely able to keep my mind on the job until Facebook came to the rescue and I was told by other family that they were OK. Read more