Smithy Flies Again…

June 9, 2009

peterfitzsimmons290.jpg … in vaulting stories and in our imagination as author (and former Australian Rugby rep) Peter FitzSimons regales us with anecdotes about Sir Charles Kingsford Smith, from the volume he is launching about the life and times of this Australian (and global) aviation legend.  The lunchtime crowd were mainly, well I think mainly retirees, who normally would be hiding in the newspaper section of the library. Ah, to be fair there were a large number of aviation buffs who were hanging off every word – most of them still 12 years old in their imagination. Heck, I think I was one of them. Though I groaned when one “old boy” shuffled up to Peter’s researcher and asked if she had used “this book” and thrust a blue cloth bound hardback under her nose. Looked like an early edition of Biggles I thought as I fled the crush of retirees angling for the orange juice and working themselves into line to get a volume signed.  (There never is a good sheep dog around when you need one).