That eBook Screen!

May 18, 2008

ebook_images2901.jpgI am still messing with this thing sent down by RocketXL. But it took someone else to point out,as they sat across the table from me, that the screen was not reflective. The sort of blinding obvious quality I would have liked to think I would have picked up but had not. Read more

eBook for Grandma?

May 9, 2008

ebook.jpgAfter extracting the eBook (from RocketXL) out from the embracing clutches of the LA Weekly back pages I managed to resist being distracted by it for all of about an hour. After which I  decided it was time for an early lunch and bit of an exploration. I was initially taken by the cover and the sensation that it was akin a small paperback. And small it is, as a few coins collected from around my desk shows here in my attempt to give it a bit of scale. By the way don’t be deceived by my cheap camera here – it is extremely easy to read in bright, direct sunlight. Yet another  reason to buy a decent digital camera! Read more

eBook Surprises

May 8, 2008

us-newspaper290.jpgThe Internet is a pretty amazing place. But you all know that. Still, every now and then you get a pleasant surprise which is a change from the usual “shock and awe” that attempts to penetrate our dulled www senses. This surprise was a Sony PRS-505 eBook which landed on my desk today. But the  story about the device can come in the next post. How the thing landed on my desk in the first place is an intriguing little vignette. In more ways than one. Read more