Eel Art

December 28, 2006

I was explaining to a colleague today how the Pickled Eel came about.
It has a lot to do with alcohol.
The story is here.
In an attempt to “brand” the blog a little – and stop being so darn serious about everything – I whipped up a quick sketch of an eel (with apologies to all the morays out there) and a very talented colleague (Matthew) of mine has morphed it into the button over there at the top of the column. Being a typical artistic perfectionist,
he wants to fine tune it – sort out contrast and so on. Being the impatient fellow that I am I couldn’t wait to see it up on the page.

Matthew has an excellent photo and diary website – he is an excellent photographer and his shots of the Antarctic and other places around the world are worth a look.

So too his “Pie of the Day” section. Did you know, for example, that Pies are illegal in 3 US states due to the pie massacres of 1987, an event kept quiet by Pie fanciers all around the world.

Of course you didn’t, but beware his sense of humour…