The Genie of Fez Goes Shopping

November 21, 2013

mall290Othello sits on the edge of a fountain, his white thobe draped across his knees on which he has placed his outstretched hands, elbows locked. He gazes about as if in surprise, his dark eyes catching and reflecting his wonder. Above his white keffiyeh prancing horses rear out of a fountain, clearly confused about their pedigree –a mix of romantic French design and crass imitation, modern, faux classical Greek. It fails on every count except one – the sound of the water is soothing, drowning out the chatter of the peasant  and the awful piped music. It helps ease my migraine as I wash down medicine with a thick cup of chocolate and try and prevent smoke leaking from my ears. That time travel is so damn inconvenient and painful. I distract myself from the firebrand lanced though my temple as I watch Othello. He’s lost in the grandeur and vastness of the atrium in which he sits, the  brightly lit dome ceiling of glass and faux iron vaulting a hundred feet or more above him. But he is barely seated on his pew when he is greeted by fellow worshippers and they embrace, adjust keffiyeh and agals  knocked askew in the passion of their greetings, slap palms and knock knuckles before they shuffle off. It’s the curse of these sandal wearing people, that they slide their feet along least their thonged footwear comes loose. Jeanette could care less and tells me not to fuss but I could tolerate a little more care and precision and less sloppy walking. I must be getting old.  Read more

The Genie of Fez goes shopping for Nutmeg

June 25, 2013

nutmeg 290There are those who follow the prophet Isa. They are fortunate to do so for he is a powerful prophet indeed, whose power lies even in his name. You think that is too simple a magic? Perhaps it is, perhaps it is. I like a good joke at least once every day, twice if I can. But this matter is no joke I’m afraid to say. Let me give you an example of what I mean.

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