The Hero of Mboto Gorge?

August 23, 2009

ross_wibble290.jpgFamily is, well family. And you love them regardless of what they stick up their nostrils. And you love them when they are prancing around in Nepal impressing the Gurkhas with just how barmy their officers really are. But let’s face it there is far too much vanilla out there and not enough Spike Milligan, and Lord knows we all need some Milligan dosed out daily in large measure if we are to retain our sanity. (If you are completely perplexed about what Ross is up to, reference Blackadder here). Apologies to Rhys for nicking his photo off his Facebook page – I will plead insanity(implant pants and insert pencils as proof). And thanks Ross – for being Ross! And for the laugh, sorely needed.