Pickled Eel Interviewed

October 10, 2007

Eric over at Travel Blogs asked me a few questions recently – they are listed below. He posted my replies up on his quality Travel Blog site which he has managed to built into a rather good travel blog in a short period of time.

The questions were:

Pickled eel… Is that a delicacy you’d recommend?

You seem to travel quite extensively for work. Do you think this kind of business-related travel is an enjoyable way to travel? Or does the “work” factor diminish the enjoyment somewhat?

Since you spend so much time on the road for work, what does a holiday look like for you? Does it still involve travel, or do you prefer to stick closer to home?

You have been to places like Iraq and Jordan, which many people would consider too dangerous to travel around. Have you ever said no to travelling somewhere because you considered it too dangerous?

Do you think the risk-factor actually adds to the appeal of travelling to dangerous places?

Once this business trip to the Middle East is over, what’s next? Any big trips on the horizon?

The responses are at Travel Blog – but take the time to have a look around the rest of his site. There are some interesting characters there traveling some interesting trails.