Lancaster Bomber G for George

August 22, 2007

Canberra, pronounced “Canbra” by locals and properly by everyone outside the country, is a large country town which we otherwise defer to as our capital city. It is home to an outstanding war memorial – the Australian War Memorial no less. It does an excellent job of being a memorial to our fallen and to visit is a moving experience. When I first went to live in Canbra in 1981 every spare day (I was a shiftworker in those days) was spent wandering the halls and absorbing the history. And burning off numerous rolls of 35mm film in bad light. In pride of place was G for George, an iconic aircraft which flew 88 missions from 1942 as part of 460 SQN RAAF. More than 200 crew flew in her and her survival made her famous – as did her return to Australia as part of a war bond drive. Now she is “airborne” in the War memorial in a new, spectacular, world class hall dedicated to some amazing aircraft and all set up in a very “live” environment. The hall alone is worth the visit. It is one excellent reason to visit Canberra. There are a few others but I need a few days to remember what they are. I’ll get back to you on that.