Malaysia Remembered

April 21, 2008

malaysiaapproach-to-klia.jpgWith my chin cupped in my hand and elbow propped on the arm rest I found myself on short finals from Singapore into Kuala Lumpur reminiscing about my first experiences of the country. Actually they were not the absolute first – I think that was a project in primary school on alluvial tin mining in Malaysia. Black and white pictures of massive dredges creating environmental slaughter with their sluices though that is a comment from our times – and was not a consideration back then. I wonder how they do that tin mining now? Read more

Clubbing in Malaysia

February 5, 2008

malaysia-bar.jpgIt would be disingenuous of me to create an impression that I am a clubber. Far from it. There is a banality about that scene that repels rather than attracts. Each to their own I guess. Read more