January 15, 2013

tea_290The words fingered into the dust of the battered little Renault van in front of my taxi in from the airport suggested this was going to be a very different place from Algiers. Not that I go around looking for differences. In fact the reverse is true. But “Lord of the Rings” above an exhaust belching smoke was as fine an indicator as any that this would be a different city. Read more

The Genie of Fez

January 13, 2013

genie290The Genie from Fez strode the streets, enjoying the morning and pretty much minding his own business, which he had to do given he was from out of town, when he noticed a man and his donkey nestled into a driveway in Rue Rouget de I’Isle. The donkey was hitched to a small cart into which the man had collected an assortment of recyclable materials which he later sold in order to eke out a living.  They were sheltering out of the rain which had descended on the city at no notice after the day had dawned bright and clear.  Genies are impervious to rain and cold, so he had not really noticed the downpour. Read more