Nightclub Butterfaces

October 21, 2013

gracejnes290I’m not what you call a clubbing type. No, not seals on ice but nightclubs. I have no particular aversion to them, but neither have I ever had any particular attraction to them. I do regret not being in one in Elizabeth in 1980. Or was it Gawler? Fozzie leapt for the wagon wheel chandelier and brought the whole thing out of the ceiling onto the dance floor. Fortunately his leaping lunge at it meant he swung underneath the wheel and it landed behind him though legend has it Fozzie was still gripping the thing when the bouncers went to sort out the commotion.  Fortunate, for surely the weight of the thing would have taken his life had it landed on him. And to this day those who were there wonder that there were no dancers killed. Doubly fortunate. The club was put off limits to all of us but I don’t think we were supposed to be off base at that stage anyway.  But a good time was had by all who were there, though everyone agreed the clubs in that town were dangerous places. Best we not have access to them or one might end up hitched to a camp follower. In the minds of my boot camp colleagues that would have been far worse than death or injury from a falling wagon wheel.   Read more

Same but Different

January 10, 2007

Ecoli left a comment at Backyard Beasts. He referred to the thong as an effective weapon in the control of and, if necessary, the destruction of potentially lethal spiders. For the sake of clarity for our US readership it is worth noting that “thong” in this part of the world means a piece of footwear. Something you might wear in summer. Something with which to beat up on spiders. As these pictures show, they are entirely different pieces of clothing. And, reference the Victoria’s Secret model, I am not talking about the wings, bracelets, stockings or shoes.

But they are similar in some respects as well. For example…

Both are spelled the same way.
Both can be worn to the beach.
Both should be worn to the beach.
Both get sand on them.
Both are, from my personal experience, popular in Waikiki.

I am just never sure which piece of clothing I prefer.

(and just to expand the cultural dimension of this post, New Zealanders call the said piece of footwear a jandal. Huh?!)

Thanks to Victoria’s Secret. And to ecoli for sparking the thought. Our next post will be on the difference between scones and biscuits. If anyone can find some artistic pictures for me.