He is an Old Cat

June 14, 2011



He is an old cat

Shrinking every day

Into his baggy black

Suit of knobbly bone and

Matted fur.

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Kokoda – The Day After

October 20, 2010

bomona290.jpgSitting around the pool the day after walking/flying out of Kokoda was a surreal and dislocative experience. Fraudulent even. Here we were sitting in comparative luxury, able to flop into a tepid pool if we felt too sticky. And yet we had some claim, we felt, to some ownership of the Track. After all we had worked very hard to cross it. Yesterday we felt a modicum of affinity to the soldiers of 1942. Today I felt that affinity dishonest. I wondered what a soldier of 1942 would really think of us. Cec Driscoll a veteran of the campaign who we met at Kokoda, expressed delight at the Australian youth walking the track. But what would the 1942 Cec Driscoll have thought? I picked up my pen and scribbled this first line, and then the second, seeking the voice of that 1942 Digger. Then the rest just happened. We all “own” the Track. So I called it “Our Kokoda”.

Our Kokoda

Who are you that disturbs this track?
Who plods, head down
Under weight of pack?
Who disturbs my rest, my sleep?

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Putting Your Heart on Your Sleeve

April 23, 2009

mirage290.jpgNot every “bloke” is keen to put their heart on their sleeve, let alone doing so by writing a poem about how he feels. It’s not something we do well  – as a rule. So a feather could have knocked me down when one of my colleagues let me read (and now publish) the poem below. What is especially interesting was that he wrote it in response to the “Push the Limit” video on the right hand side of this page. He was responding to the words of the backing track, as much as to the images. “Bring me to Life” by Evanescence is a powerful song which arguably refers to an appeal to Jesus (that is another debate altogether but the words certainly fit that context, and it works for me). Damien’s poem below, words to the song below that. Read more