Le Tour or Blue Label?

July 27, 2008

cadelevans.jpgI have to confess to some disappointment with our press. And ourselves perhaps. Cadel Evans slogs his heart out for three weeks to finish the Tour De France in second place, within seconds of being the first Australian to win the race outright, and all our front page press here gives itself over to is the child of some media baron who apparently toasted his first child’s arrival with a drop or two of Johnie Walker Blue Label. Surname “Packer” helps no doubt. Perhaps we all would have been paying more attention if it was an Olympic silver medal Cadel had won but I do think three weeks of spotlight work (and months of preparation no doubt) is worth more than a back page mention, especially given the world stage on which he performed. No, I am not a cyclist but would like to think we recognise our achievers better than we have recognised Cadel. Or is it that our fatal flaw of loving the ratbag has gotten in the way, what with Sonny Bill Williams departing the NRL and kicking off to France to play union and abandoning his 5 year multimillion dollar football contract? Photo AFP: Joe Klamar

Sydney Has itself An Indian Summer

January 3, 2008

rou290x200.jpgMemories of summers in younger years always include rounds of cricket. In the driveway. On the beach. At a picnic. School days. Games against Waitaki Boys High or St Kevins where more passion than technical skill invariably led the play. Later it was getting down to the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) Read more