JD Anniversay Shoot

December 3, 2008

shooting-star-target.jpgIn speaking of the laconic I was reminded that in September we celebrated the anniversary memorial shoot in honour of departed friend Jonathan. There was none of the smoke and thunder of the previous year but the sputter of BB pellets that fell out of the end of the BB gun in the side show alley at the State Fair of Texas. By the time you realise you aim by pointing the stream of pellets at the target, as if it were a stream of water from a hose nozzle, the pellets expire and “the man” has your money. Jonathan would have come back to make a point of shooting that star out. But the real point is always to walk away before you can’t leave. Either way JD would have enjoyed the challenge and the whole mad atmosphere!

Art Deco At Fair Park

October 22, 2008

art_deco_statefair290.jpgIn an area of the US which boasts one of the most rapidly growing urban areas in the country (I understand it competes with San Diego for that dubious honour) not only are places like Frisco and McKinney keeping some grip on their heritage but so too downtown Dallas where Fair Park retains most of the buildings erected for the 1936 Centennial Exposition. Read more

American DNA

October 11, 2008

gm_challenger290.jpgWe always say that even though we speak the same language as our American cousins we often don’t hear the same words. Which is another way of saying there are lots of things which on the surface are assumed to be the same but which are in fact very different. Read more

40 Years at the State Fair of Texas

October 4, 2008

dogwinners290.jpg(Whole conversation carried out in earnest seriousness)

“Excuse me, Sir, excuse me… Can you tell me where I can get a dog like that?”

(Shuffles over) “Ysmm’ sir, you gotta go to the empty beer bottle competition booth. It’s a special one. We go there every year.”

“Every year?”

“Yes, sir, we have been coming here every year for forty years.” Read more