Confused Chinese Pirates

November 12, 2007

In the spirit of the craziness that can come out of China, witting or otherwise (movie titles and packing instructions) the following is hillarious. At first glance this DVD cover looks pretty normal. But take a close look at the back cover. The pirate graphics specialist has grabbed text from a variety of places to compile the back cover. Reference to “Arnold” (“back better than ever”) to start with – I can only guess this refers to the Californian Governator. In the text we start with reference to Michael’s movie but it soon morphs into a review of “Laws of Attraction” and the credits are nicked from “Shanghai Surprise”. All those English characters look alike so it kind of makes sense. The brazen plagiarism is breathtaking but the publish and be damned approach underpins some of the humour in this. Of course the irony of the “What Controvosy?” header would be lost on the pirates. And no, don’t ask me where I got my hands on this DVD but thanks JP for bringing it to my attention. (Clicking on the image should get you a better view).