This Blog

After twelve months of blogging on the Google Blogger site I felt it was time to migrate to something that gave me a bit more flexibility in how I presented my material. That was, in part, driven by the variety of things about which I find myself writing. Having the original blog simply stack subjects in the order they were written made for bit of a mess. Though some found the random nature of that appealing.

I was also torn between the need to have one blog per general subject, and the desire to write about a variety of things. But the prospect of having a blog for each subject area is just too daunting for someone who does this on a VERY part time basis. Politics, aircraft, travel, quirky things that catch my eye, creative writing subjects, friends, journal, family – all mixed up or all separate. Which was it to be?

I stumbled over WordPress as a more flexible tool and was happy with what it offered. But I was never entirely happy with the themes – none ever tied all those ideas together until I stumbled over Brian Gardner’s designs. His layout is clean and neat – it is based on the idea that the subject you have just written about is indexed through to the front page – you click though to it in order to read the whole article. In that way I am able to collect all the different themes on the one front page.

That is the theory anyway. I am still working on making it all happen! (December 2007).