Top Secret Travel via Google Earth

June 8, 2008

russian-sub-murmansk290.jpgIn another life I was an imagery analyst in the military. Locked away in a bunker somewhere looking at images of all sorts from a myriad of sources. I enjoyed the stereoscopic work most of all, handling and caressing one dimensional data in a three dimensional illusion. It is an entirely convincing world – gamers understand the inclination to twist your head to look under a bridge – when there is nothing to look under. There is none of that adventure with Google Earth (regrettably) but I can easily find myself distracted by it nonetheless, taking myself on travels to places I have been, and others I have not – except in that three dimensional illusionary world. Let’s take a little journey to places that hint of that world. Read more

HMAS Sydney

March 17, 2008

I suspect I am not the only one to think so but there is no small stirring of pride when I read that the HMAS Sydney, heavy cruiser lost in battle 67 years ago, has been found sitting upright on the seabed, 6000′ down. Ambushed, shot up, carrying so many of her crew with her, she still retains, by all accounts, a modicum of dignity on the seafloor. There is more emotion Read more